Become a Within Health Provider

The best care is the one with prevention at the core

Join a highly specialized on-demand network of preventive healthcare providers and help patients get the care they deserve. See patients on Within's platform, get patients referred to your in-person practice, and join a community of exceptional practitioners.

How Within Health Works

1. Apply

Our practitioner advisory committee will evaluate your knowledge, skills, and experience through a multi-step process that includes a resume review and license verification, reference checks, a timed assessment, and a video interview.

2. Set your schedule

Within Health was designed with busy practitioners in mind—you set your own schedule and patients can book with you when you’re available.

3. Connect with patients and build relationships

See patients via Within Health's telemedicine platform, then E-prescribe and document easily and securely via Within's Session Notes. Patients can follow-up via private messaging, and you can participate in our Community Forum anytime.

4. Deliver coordinated care

Within Health is passionate about providing transparent and coordinated care by allowing patients to share their session notes across practitioners and facilitating in-person referrals and care coordination whenever needed.

Why Telehealth?

You may not know it yet, but telehealth is already in high demand and is rapidly growing in popularity. According to a 2017 survey by Accenture, 78% of consumers were interested in receiving care virtually.

The writing is on the wall: consumers are looking for compassionate healthcare providers to get the care they need in a new way that feels right to them. If you have a passion for changing healthcare and a desire to grow your practice and earn supplemental income, it's time to make Within your telehealth home.

What can I do on Within?

While you can't examine your clients in person, you can provide important care via Telehealth consults—including prescribing, diagnosing, advice, patient education, behavior modification, and emotional support and encouragement.

How do I become a Within Provider?

Just sign up below, and we'll get you started. To ensure quality care, Within evaluates the knowledge, skills, and experience of every practitioner on our platform. Together with other screening processes, a brief assessment and case study help us to thoroughly evaluate our candidates. Every candidate is also required to complete a short, video-based interview with a Within healthcare consultant. Once you’re a Within Health practitioner, you're in good company.

How much can I earn on Within Health?

There will be standard per-appointment fees for your use of the Within platform, and you'll be keeping the bulk of your appointment earnings (and you’ll receive an exact breakdown if you’re accepted!). Ultimately, your earnings depend on how much time you have available. If, for instance, you work 8 hours per week on Within's platform, you can expect to earn a substantial amount of supplemental income.

How do I receive payments

Within Health Practitioners will receive payments for Within appointments via direct deposit into your bank account every month.

Ready to join Within Health? Let’s get started.

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