The Power of Community

Too often has the healthcare system failed us. When we hear stories of physically fit people who work out every day, run competitive races, and yet out of nowhere have a massive heart attack resulting in triple bypass surgery, we begin to wonder what could we have done differently to prevent this? It's clear that something needs to change.

There's a mindset shift brewing, and arguably already underway, taking people from reactionary healthcare to a preventive mindset; giving people more control over their health and wellness, before something happens.
As we build a culture and society around preventive health, we are exploring what roadblocks need to be removed to enable this to happen. What community would benefit the most from catching a preventable disease before it takes hold.
In that search, we hosted an inaugural meetup last night, to explore how Within Health can empower a community to take more preventive health measures using radiology imaging.
Our meetup inherently is called the New York Healthy Imaging Meetup Group. We were looking into existing meetup communities, but instead decided to create a community of our own.
We were joined by a diverse set of attendees ranging from backgrounds in technology, physics, and medicine. This sparked an exciting conversation around Traditional Chinese medicine vs Western medicine, self-quantifying health monitoring clothing, cardiac calcium scoring CT Scans, how the physics of radiology imaging machines (MRI, CT, PET scans, etc.) actually work and what can be detected from each modality.
Continued discussion around what happens at an annual physical, and how doing one test incidentally led to the finding of something else that needs to be treated.  The annual physical has served its purpose, and now it's time for a look inside our own body to see what's really happening with our internal organs. 
We hope to continue these meetups and discussions going forward. Listening, learning from people who have experienced the healthcare system failing them, educating on how people can actively take back control of their health through preventive measures.
Happy Thanksgiving!  And we hope to see you at the next meetup!

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