Closing the Loop in Radiology to Improve the Patient and Provider Experience

Follow-through is a critical driver of patient outcomes, as well as a healthcare provider’s success. Numerous hurdles create patient drop-off for imaging centers, many of which are caused by missed or confusing communication. As a result, clinically necessary radiology orders go unfilled, resulting in poor financial and patient outcomes. For patients, this can mean delayed treatment, complications and unnecessary testing. For radiologists, this translates to loss of revenue, lower patient retention, as well as medical malpractice risk.


The patient‘s radiology journey is challenging from start to finish—this includes everything from the initial doctor’s visit, prescription and authorizations to scheduling an appointment, receiving treatment and understanding the results, as well as the additional follow-ups that occur after. With all of these hurdles missed communication can occur, causing a patient to drop out of the process.


To improve these issues, Within Health offers a personalized digital engagement platform that will enable traditional radiology workflows to become more functional and help close the loop on missed follow-up exams.


The platform consists of three main components.  The first, a retargeting analytics engine to identify lapsed recommendations and follow-ups in historical patient records.  The second is a multi-channel communications platform geared towards re-engaging patients and referring physicians. The third component is the personalized patient and referring physician UI platform where we optimize scheduling exam conversion through action oriented conversion funnels personalized with patient information, prescriptions, results and recommendations.


In addition Within Health offers personalized order entry systems for referring providers.  The provider portal ensures patient information is safely transmitted between care providers, ensuring that nothing important is missed. 


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