Baseline-ing My Health

A couple weeks ago I received an MRI on my ENTIRE Body.

Full Body Health - Magnetic resonance imaging

I wasn't sick, and by all accounts there was nothing glaringly wrong with my health. I was perfectly healthy and I wanted to have a baseline to compare myself in the future. 

Think about a way that you can benchmark your health in an effective way. Most folks I know get some sort of annual physical where their Primary Care doctor checks in on the basics.

How do you feel? How much do you weigh compared to the population? Whats your blood pressure? Take some blood to send to the lab and if there's anything wrong we'll call you.

Questions that by all means we should answer and check in on. But what about everything else, that the doctor can't see? I can't help but wonder what my insides look like and if everything is in working order.

To use a crude analogy, is my body more like an iceberg, where I can only see 5% of what is really going on above the surface? 

Albeit I may be biased, I wouldn't be building Within Health if I didn't believe in the health benefits and power in taking action on preventive health.

I've always been somewhat health conscious, but lately I'm focusing more on changing that consciousness from the sub-consciousness to the conscious mind. The new year always brings up New Years Resolutions and this year was no different. But the significance of the year we live in begs the question, should the year 2020 lead us to have #2020Vision on our health?

As I look below the surface of my body iceberg, I now have a warning signal should anything that looks like early cancer, aneurysms, tumors, and cysts present itself in the future. I know what my healthy organs look like now, including my heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidney, prostate and spleen (if I had one).

As the first user of the Within Health Full Body MRI scan, I can say that it will become a part of my yearly health rituals, ensuring that I have a comparison in the unfortunate event that I come down with anything in the future. 

Join me to SeeWithin ;) 

Brain MRI

Heart and Lung MRI Scan


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